F10 Sports Photography is a Toronto based sports and event photography and videography company founded by Michael Fayehun.

Michael started F10 Sports Photography as a result of an experience he had when he was in search of a sports photographer to take photos of him at his soccer game. That experience made him realize that finding proficient, accessible and affordable professional sports photographers at the time was quite a challenge.

He searched online and eventually found someone whom he paid to shoot his soccer game. Not only did it take days to get his photos delivered, the delivered photos were quite mediocre and rather unsatisfactory that he felt that perhaps he could have done a better job using his phone.

He tried a second time using a different photographer and encountered a similar result. That was when he realized that he could solve this problem by creating a sports photography company.

He wanted to be able to help amateur and semi-pro athletes and teams capture beautiful photos of them and their teams in action in whatever sport that they play and have dedicated much of their time to.

To a lot of athletes out there, sports is a passion, and as these athletes grow out of the game he would like to help them preserve their memories of the sport they love through his photos and prints.

The principles behind this company are accessibility, affordability, and swift delivery.

As an athlete, he primarily plays soccer currently for League 1 Ontario club Aurora FC as well as Humber Hawks Men's soccer team. He also plays basketballs, golf and table tennis (ping pong) during the offseason so he knows the industry well, he understands the game and the very special and important moments to capture.


- International Tennis Federation - covering the Davis Cup (World Cup of Tennis)

- The Coaches Site 

- Prost Soccer - covering current MLS Champions Toronto FC

- Ontario Soccer Association

- Canadian Soccer League

- Humber College - covering Humber Hawks Teams

- League 1 Ontario 

- Red Nation Online 

- 180 Degrees 

Please feel free to ask Michael any questions through his contact page. He's always looking to add talented sports photographers to his team as well. If you're interested please fill out this form.

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